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My name is Jack Torrance. I am not a real person, but rather a virual assistant.  I am here to help you navigate this website. My name and photo are borrowed from the film "The Shining" starring Jack Nicholson. I write the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) that can be accessed via the FAQ tab on the Main Menu. I also do a lot of other stuff around here.

The page you are on right now titled "Biographies"  is here for you to tell your classmates about yourself since leaving high school. It is not meant to be a resume, but rather your story. Where did you go when you left OHS? What did you do? Did you get married and raise a family?  Where do you call home? Have you lived in or traveled to exotic places? We want to hear all about the 'good stuff'.

If you want to post (and edit) your biography all you need to do is navigate over to the 'USER MENU' in the right sidebar of the page and click on 'Create  Biography'. There you can create and edit your biography. You can put a photo/image at the top of your biography if desired. Near the bottom of the page is an area where you can upload photos. Once finished you can save your biography and view it  from the Biographies tab on the Main Menu. Try it. We hope to hear from you.

Please note that you will be unable to access the "Biographies" page of this website unless you are actually logged on with your user name and password. As a matter of fact you will be unable to view personal inofrmation about any other website subscriber unless you are logged on.  We take personal security seriously. That is just the way it is.

One more thing. In order to avoid confusion every subscriber is 'REQUIRED' to use his or her 'REAL NAME' to subscribe and log on to this site.  Your real name is your user name...they are one and the same. If your real name is Joan Smith then that will be your user name. If you are female and your married name is Jones you may use either maiden or married surnames. In that case you may use  Joan Smith, Joan Jones, or Joan Smith-Jones as your user name. We suggest using your maiden name as your middle name. Nick names or 'slick names' cannot be  user names. As a rule we do not provide passwords, nor do we have access to any subscriber's password. In the most extreme cases we can provide 'temporary passwords' if you are totally lost and frustrated.

Finally, you must have a fully qualified email address to subscribe to this website. We are not able to accept a Facebook account as a fully qualified email address.

Your virtual assistant,

Jack Torrance


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