Mother’s Day: Words and Memories Are the Sweetest Gifts.

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Many mothers may protect themselves from feeling potential disappointment on Mother’s Day by saying, “It’s just a Hallmark Day.”

Yes, it is a day for children to honor their mothers, but I don’t think “honor” is the right word to aptly describe the reason for the day.

It should be more appropriately thought of as a reversed Christmas in which children want to surprise, give a gift, and show their love in the best way a child knows - hugs, kisses, presents, smiles, sweet words and celebrating. What could be a more pure expression of one’s feeling and gratitude? So, thank you Hallmark for giving us Mother’s Day!

There are so many different kinds of mothers but we all need just one simple thing from them — the words that tell us we are special; we are loved; and, we are important. Some mothers just cannot provide those words because they have never heard them, but every mother does feel them when they look at their baby’s face for the first time at birth.

Years go by and experiences pile up in a mother’s heart like bricks cemented to create a wall. Some bricks are perfect and some are flawed. Time and events chip away at the mortar holding the memory bricks, but a mother will reach out and tuck in something to keep the wall from crumbling. So many memories — so many children cannot and will not remember, yet a mother does.

I do believe every mother at every age treasures the words, the hugs, the calls, the notes that say, “I love you, I love that you are my mother, I love to remember special times with you.” It’s the words, not the gifts that are the most treasured presents.

Sorry, Hallmark, you meant well but you can’t compare to that child’s drawing or the special note. No amount of money can buy that, for it is priceless.

May every mother know the real gift of Mother’s Day each year of her life.

Words mean something as do the lack of them.

Some day each mother has to say good-bye and may she take every kind word and act of love to keep her happy forever. Each mother deserves that love, in reality, not in a Hallmark card. So little expected for so much given with such love and care.

If on that one Sunday in May, each of us could and would think like a 6-year-old and create the Christmas joy for each mother, the world would be a better place — for that child and that mother. So little means so much. Memories grow and last. Did each of us give what we wanted to receive? Age does not matter, the need and the gift live forever.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mother-it’s the role and career of a lifetime!

Jeannie Dapra is a freelance writer who lives in Clinton, Connecticut.


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