OHS Class of 1967 members

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Holly Willard C...
E-mail: hollyhawk4@gmail.com
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Nora Bland Starnes
E-mail: norieann1@aol.com
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Sherrie Calhoun...
E-mail: Pnut48@aol.com
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William Lawrenc...
E-mail: bjhenley1@comcast.net
E-mail: rbciii@cox.net
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Kathy Tiernan
E-mail: kathleentier1949@gmail.com
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Rodney M. Nesbit
E-mail: RMNViper@Yahoo.com
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Roger M. Nesbit
E-mail: palrnesbit@aol.com
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Bill Forsstrom
E-mail: wnf@fuse.net
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Jim Curran
E-mail: jimc1716@yahoo.com
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Richard Scholl
E-mail: richrscholl@yahoo.com
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Robert James Er...
E-mail: erdeljacr@gmail.com
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Christine Allen...
E-mail: cmurray49@hotmail.com
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Robert Miller
E-mail: rw_miller1@verizon.net
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Angela Bergamasco
E-mail: Administrator@oakmonths.org



The Oakmont Historical Society

The Oakmont Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of Oakmont, Pennsylvania. We are located at 628 Allegheny River Blvd. Oakmont, PA 15139. Our Curator/Archivist, Colleen McGuigan may be reached at: (412) 828-3022, (412) 607-4782,  mcpedder@hotmail.comoakmonthistory@gmail.com 


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