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The Emeralds 1950's OHS High School Doo Wop Group

This website is devoted solely to alumni of the former Oakmont High School in Oakmont, PA. The purpose is to keep us connected. Although the basic website can be viewed by the general public, only subscribers can view the profiles and biographies of other subscribers. The obvious reason for this policy is to protect the privacy & security of all our subscribers.

In order to avoid confusion every subscriber is 'REQUIRED' to use his or her 'REAL NAME' to subscribe and log on to this site.  Your real name is your user name...they are one and the same. If your real name is Joan Smith then that will be your user name. If you are female and your married name is Jones you may use either maiden or married surnames. In that case you may use  Joan Smith, Joan Jones, or Joan Smith-Jones as your user name. We suggest using your maiden name as your middle name. Nick names or 'slick names' cannot be  user names. As a rule we do not provide passwords, nor do we have access to any subscriber's password. In the most extreme cases we can provide 'temporary passwords' if you are totally lost and frustrated.

You must have a fully qualified email address to subscribe to this website. We are not able to accept a Facebook account as a fully qualified email address.

Note: This site belongs to its members. We share a proprietary interest in its success. Please consider supporting this valuable asset.

Send donations to:

Oakmont High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 303

530 Allegheny River Blvd.
Oakmont, PA 15139


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