OHS Class of 1966 members

Carol Howley's picture
Carol Howley
E-mail: carol_howley@hotmail.com
Betsy Grubbs Agey's picture
Betsy Grubbs Agey
E-mail: eagey@aol.com
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Bob Nicklas
E-mail: bobnicklas48@gmail.com
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Carl A. Smith
E-mail: csmith73@verizon.net
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Donel Manke
E-mail: mankedr@gmail.com
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John McCarren
E-mail: jmccarren@comcast.net
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John Willcox
E-mail: jhwillcox@sbcglobal.net
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John W. McCormick
E-mail: mccormick@cs.uni.edu
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Kathie Burket G...
E-mail: Kgavrish@icloud.com
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Lucinda Steffey...
E-mail: danncinn24@aol.com
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Marcia Ride Beckwith
E-mail: mebeckw@sbcglobal.net
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Margaret Ride P...
E-mail: mpeterson20@comcast.net
Maryann Komatz Corbett's picture
Maryann Komatz ...
E-mail: macorbett12@yahoo.com
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Robert N Cochran
E-mail: rcochrandfac@gmail.com
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Nancy Sumner Wi...
E-mail: nancysumner@hotmail.com
Ralph G. Schott Jr.'s picture
Ralph G. Schott Jr.
E-mail: rgsjr910@gmail.com
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Thomas R Sypolt
E-mail: tsypolt@comcast.net
Susan Ransbottom Frye's picture
Susan Ransbotto...
E-mail: suefrye@hotmail.com
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Susan McReynold...
E-mail: susanjjbb@gmail.com
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William I. Gilb...
E-mail: wgilbertjr@msn.com
E-mail: wootzer1@aol.com
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Wendy Fox
E-mail: wendyefox@gmail.com
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Mike Luciana
E-mail: mluciana@verizon.net
Nancy Sloan's picture
Nancy Sloan
E-mail: nancy.oakmont@gmail.com
Angela Bergamasco's picture
Angela Bergamasco
E-mail: Administrator@oakmonths.org



The Oakmont Historical Society

The Oakmont Historical Society is dedicated to preserving the history of Oakmont, Pennsylvania. We are located at 628 Allegheny River Blvd. Oakmont, PA 15139. Our Curator/Archivist, Colleen McGuigan may be reached at: (412) 828-3022, (412) 607-4782,  mcpedder@hotmail.comoakmonthistory@gmail.com 


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